Watch Me Trick Ghosts is now available to pre-order from Codhill Press. Excerpts can be read here, here, and here.

Robert Krut’s poetry collection Watch Me Trick Ghosts offers an immersion into the sublime, enveloping the reader in a shroud of welcome terror. Fusing narratives of ordinary life with flashes of otherworldly awe, Krut’s speaker serves as guide and protector while we venture down darkened streets, through empty buildings, and even into a forest grown out of grief. The lines of these poems haunt with remarkable clarity. “A Coffin Is a Battery” states that, “Fine hairs of stray electricity twitch in wind,” and “When you come looking, I am the wires.” Whether through surreal imagery, or storylines lifted from our strangest dreams, Watch Me Trick Ghosts has a chill to rival the most ravishing Gothic novel, and the simmer of film noir.  --Mary Biddinger



Reading the wildly liminal, imagistically shimmery, and marvelously tricked-out poems in Robert Krut’s Watch Me Trick Ghosts, I kept thinking (and maybe it’s just me—but no, it can’t just be me) about Los Angeles with all its lights out, ghosts with weird haircuts, and the fact that the trick here is real magic, “sonic dust blowing” through a new kind of American deep image, where “You are a heart,/which is different from saying/you are my heart or you have my/heart.  It is saying that/you are a heart.”  Did you see what just happened there? I’m not sure I did either.  Maybe all of us are ghosts already, but certainly we will be some day, so consider this book necessary preparation in how not to be hoodwinked in the afterlife.  Pick a card, any card.  Burst into flames.  These poems are the lights you’ve been waiting to walk into... –Matt Hart

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