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The Spider Sermons is available at bookstores as well as Small Press Distribution, Amazon, and more.

From Hayden’s Ferry Review: “It’s zesty, utterly earnest at points, but worldwise and worthwhile . . . These poems spin a rock and roll lullaby for heavens that are under serious contemplation.” . . . “[A] sense of serious play– a smug wonder at the hard, amusing truths of humanity and eternity – is this collection’s greatest gift. The guidance systems we’ve been given are off and our collective naïveté is at once tragic, and a gut-buster.”  Read the whole review here.


Robert Krut’s new collection of poems, The Spider Sermons, bears lyric exactness and compassion into a new world of memory crossed with most things existential.  There is a sense of what is being seen here as with after images in an electrical storm. This is a brilliant book.  —Norman Dubie


These poems weave the urbane twists of highways and skyscrapers with the turns and foibles of love. Robert Krut delivers a precipice city, a galactic (but not preachy) spider, a narrator who sometimes wears a sandwich board.  In a world where “everything is becoming something else and drifting apart,” he praises the quirky tenacity of the imagination. —Laurie Kutchins


With a winning mixture of verve and tenderness, the poems in The Spider Sermons confront the extreme significance of our daily lives. It’s the most passionate of come-ons, but with the kindest of intentions. —Kazim Ali


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