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"The Anxious Lever of Lowering Sky" from Radar

"Scream into an Open Mouth" from The Superstition Review

"365 X 365" from Pine Hills Review

"Divinity" from Passages North

"You Can't Escape When You've Been Underwater All Along" from Gulf Coast


"River Side, Rain Side, Fire Side" and "Time Travel Bargaining Tactics"

         from Blackbird

"The Sky Doesn't Want Your Mythology," "You Didn't Ask for This and Now You Have to Breathe Fire," and "Magic" from Muse/A Journal

"You are a Jellyfish, Ghost" and "Gargoyle" from The Packingtown Review


The Ocean,” poem and interview on How a Poem Happens (video here)


Phantasmagoria at Six AM” and “One Attacks the Other” from Night Block


Hold Me, the Walls are Falling” from Vinyl Poetry (video here)


The Sky’s Teeth, the Letter’s Ink” from Vinyl Poetry


"Radioing The Flood" from Map Literary


"A Thousand Pieces, Dancing" from Poemeleon


"Sermon on the Worldly Illusions" from Poemeleon

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